Friday, November 13, 2009

Test Life Cycle

Identify Test Candidates

Test Plan

Design Test Cases

Execute Tests

Evaluate Results

Document Test Results

Casual Analysis/ Preparation of Validation Reports

Regression Testing / Follow up on reported bugs.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Test Plan and Test Specification

Test Plan :

A Test Plan is a detailed project plan for testing, layering the possibility of testing, the tactics to be used, the tasks to be performed, resources, schedules, risks, and dependencies. A Test Plan is developed earlier to the implementation of a project to provide a well defined and understood project road map.

Test Specification :

A Test Specification defines exactly what tests will be performed and what their scope and objectives will be. A Test Specification is produced as the first step in implementing a Test Plan, prior to the onset of manual testing and/or automated test suite development. It provides a repeatable, wide-ranging definition of a testing operation

Monday, November 9, 2009

Purpose Of Security testing

If your site wants firewalls, encryption, user authentication, economic dealings, or access to databases with sensitive data, you may need to test these and also test your site's overall safeguard against illegal internal or external access.

Purpose Of Usability testing

Usability means that systems are easy and fast to learn, capable to use, easy to remember, cause no operating errors and offer a high grade of satisfaction for the user. Usability means bringing the usage viewpoint into focus, the side towards the user.

Purpose of Stress testing

This refers to testing system functionality while the system is under extraordinarily heavy or peak load; it's similar to the validation testing but is carried out in a "high-stress" environment. This requires that you make some calculation about expected load levels of your Web site.

Purpose Of Volume Testing

The purpose of Volume Testing is to find weak point in the system with respect to its managing of large amounts of data during short time periods. For example, this kind of testing ensures that the system will process data across physical and logical boundaries such as across servers and across disk partitions on one server.

System Testing

• A system is the big component
• System testing is designed at revealing bugs that cannot be attributed to a component as such, to irregularity between components or planned contacts between components
• Concern: issues, behaviors that can only be exposed by testing the entire integrated system
(e.g., performance, security, recovery).